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I am Christina Welch.

I gave my life and sold out to Jesus Christ at the age of 21. When I say sold out, I mean to say that I made up my mind and gave my life whole heartedly to the Lord. I surrendered to the call taking every opportunity to teach, preach, and minister the uncompromised Word of God through his grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. ​Prior to receiving salvation I lived a rebellious, wild life. I was a lost. There were many circumstances that led to my rebellion such as not having my father in my life,  at the age of 10 I was molested, and I did not have any self worth or value which affected my life dramatically. I started partying and running the streets at the age 12. I got involved with gangs, alcohol, drugs, overdosed on methamphetamines, and went to jail. Furthermore, I lived a promiscuous lifestyle, had my first baby at the age of 14, and just lived in such darkness, hurt, and hopelessness doing whatever to numb the constant hurt and sedate the pursuit of love through wrong relationships and in things. I had no identity, purpose, or direction and then GOD. ​The year of 2000 was the year of my salvation. I’m walking in the promise of Psalms 118:17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. God has called me out of a world of hopelessness and darkness for his purpose. He has called me as a woman on the front line called out of darkness into his marvelous light to pray and intercede for the salvation of the lost, rejected, abused, and hurting. He has set my feet upon a rock to wage war against the oppressive attacks of the enemy through prayer, preaching, and teaching. He has given me a voice to skillfully wail, cry out, and sound the alarm as a watchman to awaken those who Jesus Christ is calling to salvation and to provoke them to rise up and take their rightful position in the kingdom and to heal the broken hearted and set them free from being in bondage. I am taking up every opportunity to win souls with the wisdom of God and snatch them out of the pathway of destruction. God has equipped me to reach a rebellious generation by preaching, teaching, inspiring through dance, drama, and books the word of God. I am connected to many church organizations, serve in the community in outreach programs, and work alongside Riverside County DA reaching out to youth in locked facilities. I have served in children’s ministry, jail ministry, coordinated outreach health programs, worked altar ministry, and taught weekly bible studies. I am also a Registered Nurse and have the privilege to serve the sick physically and spiritually. My experience as a nurse has taught me the power of servanthood and has birthed in me the compassion to heal the sick. I graduated from Next Dimension Bible College with a Bachelors degree and it has truly enlarged my hunger and thirst for the Word of God. ​I am a wife to an awesome man of God who I co-labor with in raising our 8 children in the fear of God; assist in helping at risk youth, and spreading the Gospel. I will continue to declare the works of the Lord wherever and however God leads me for this is a time for the church to be awakened and continue to work while it is Day for the Lord is coming soon.

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